Wearable music boxes

Lockets with a secret. A perfect, working music box hidden inside your jewelry.

photo of product kittens and caraway


All of our lockets have real, old-fashioned music boxes inside. Choose from X tunes to transport you to a place of loveliness and delight.

About the company

I’ve been designing lockets that hold authentic mechanical music boxes for over a decade.

My mission is to inspire wonder and introspection, to enrich connections between loved ones, and to delight.

Musical lockets combine the ethereal dreaminess of the music box sound with all of the emotional symbolism associated with lockets…dear memories, passionate love, holding things close…

I’m inspired by nature’s blooming florals, fairytales, and nostalgia and I want everything I create to go directly to the heart.

Photo of Ola
Ola Silvera: Founder, Music Box Maker