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Music Boxes

A palm-sized self-powered symphony. A flight of fancy. A portable muse. A sweet reverie and a moment of pure happiness. Welcome to the world of pocket-sized enchantment.

Each one of my lockets is a dear keepsake with a classic musical element that speaks directly to your heart while subtly lifting your spirits in the most romantic way imaginable.

For nearly a decade I’ve created pendants with an authentic, winding musical core, and my adoration for music boxes has only grown stronger with each year spent honing my expertise with these wonderful instruments.

I am the grateful beneficiary of a direct and generous mentorship with two of the few music box repair persons on this continent, allowing me to adopt traditional, time-honoured methods, instead of modern disposable methods. My musical lockets are made using construction that preserves the integrity of the music box’s sound. They are designed in such a way that the delicate instruments inside can be repaired if they need to be years down the line, giving you a piece that you can enjoy for years to come and be proud to share with future generations.

Although delightfully tiny, these are true mechanical music boxes. The musical element contained within each finished piece is an 18-note Japanese mechanism. The delicate and distinctive sound is produced by carefully placed steel pins hitting a fine tuned steel comb, operated by a brass winding key, resulting in a remarkable union of mechanical with ethereal.

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Darling, the time you spend daydreaming or wandering is never time wasted.

Brand Mark

We know that inspiration comes from deep within our souls and most cherished memories.

Let’s live in a world where our favourite messages arrive in the mail, not our inboxes, where our connections to people we love and have loved are honoured…

…because we believe in that perfect day you spent exchanging hopes and fears and tears and laughter with a friend, and a golden afternoon when the tune of a song half-remembered from childhood unwinds itself in your heart like a spell.

We’re grounded by the inevitability of change and loss and with that in mind we are holding a space with you for beautiful wishes and memories.

Our muse is nostalgia. Our dreams and our memories are endless gardens that bloom with inspiration.

With open hearts we offer 18 Love Notes.